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Ben Minerds on Javascript frameworks, Ben Sturmfels on free software accounting

Great to see many new faces last month!

Scott Junner on social networks, a herd of Gnews and Brian May, Melbourne 18 June

It was great to see so many of you last month! Following on from that discussion, you may be interested to know that GovHack registrations for Melbourne, Ballarat and Geelong are now open.

Alisha Ryans-Taylor on GovHack plus Russell Coker's free software story, Melbourne 21 May

Please join us this month to hear about GovHack; an annual event to build things that use of publically available government data. Melbourne representative Alisha Ryans-Taylor will be telling us all about it. Scott will be giving us the Gnews, a current affairs wrap-up in the world of free software. For those who can make it, we'll also follow on for tasty dinner at Classic Curry on Elizabeth Street.

Adam and Andrew make Free Software Melbourne awesome

Free Software Melbourne is awesome because people like Adam Bolte and Andrew Spiers make it so. We thank you both for your time and effort organising the monthly meetups, finding interesting speakers, running Software Freedom Day, organising campaigns, hosting games nights and much more.

Peter Serwylo core developer of F-Droid + much Gnews, Melbourne 16 April

I was talking to Peter Serwylo about an app he's recently published in the F-Droid free software app store. I asked whether he'd be interested in coming to tell Free Software Melbourne about it. "I'll go one better", he said. "I'm actually one of the core developers of F-Droid. Would you like me to talk about that?"

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