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William Grant on working in free software + plenty of Gnews, Melbourne 19 March

There's always a lot of interest in getting a job working on free software. William Grant will be telling us about how he got started contributing to free software and ended up working with Canonical.

iPads in schools plus loads of Gnews, Melbourne 19 Feb

This Thursday we'll be talking about the widespread use of iPads in primary schools and how kids are introduced to technology. This topic really took off on the mailing list recently, so it's clearly important to many of you.

Melbourne casual dinner with Deb Nicholson 22 Jan

Deb Nicholson is visiting Melbourne during her trip to She'll be joining us for a casual dinner next Thursday 22 January at 6pm.

Deb is well known for her efforts with the Free Software Foundation, Open Invention Network and MediaGoblin. She's also a colleague of Andrea Casillas, whom we met last year.

The Standard Hotel, 293 Fitzroy St, Fitzroy (between Bell St & Moor St) - map

Nearest tram lines are Tram 96 to East Brunswick (stop 14 on Nicholson St) or Tram 112 West Preston (stop 15 on Brunswick St).

RSVP to by 20 January.

Melbourne casual dinner 18 December 6pm

As I've said before, my favourite part of Free Software Melbourne is meeting other interesting people over dinner. This month we skip the regular meet up and just have dinner instead. I hope you can join us this Thursday at Classic Curry.