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Following in the footsteps of Free Software Melbourne, we are trying to set up Free Software related activities in Sydney.

The Sydney Based Free Software Movement is driven by Andri Effendi, with some help from Olivier Mehani and the continuing kindness and support from our friends at Free Software Melbourne.

We all believe in the Free Software Foundation's "worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom. We defend the rights of all software users".

If you believe in the 4 Freedoms of Free Software  (Click to find out what they are).

In Addition to the 4 Freedoms, If you also believe in Freedom of opinion and expression, The right to encrypt, The right to tinker with your own systems, learning and sharing these values and knowledge with friends and neighbours then we are the activist group for you.

If you're interested in the Free Software Movement, please join our mailing list, and don't forget to let us know by sending a note of introduction!

We are trying to have regular monthly gatherings where we can discuss freely all of these issues and host a range of different educational workshops, presentations and fun activities.

Upcoming Events

  • Free Software Workshop June 17th 2017.

Past Events

Fri 31st March 2017

    Thu 10th Sep 2015

    • Let's Free Sydney Jitsi Meet
    • Watch a Replay of the Event... Watch Now