Free Software Australia

  • Thursday 21st June 2018 : Free Software Games Night 🎮
  • Thursday 17th May 2018 : How to contribute to Wikipedia
  • Thursday 19th April 2018 : The Flux Party and the Gnews
  • Thursday 15th March 2018 : Libre Games Night
  • Thursday 15 February 2018 : Rendering PDFs into Text/HTML with Free Software
  • Thursday 18 January 2018 : An intro to F-Droid - Show and Tell
  • Thursday 21 December 2017 : FSM at Meetup Mixup Melbourne
  • Thursday 16 November 2017 : Free Software Show and Tell
  • Thursday 19 October 2017 : An intro to D# and the Gnews
  • Sat 16 September 2017 : Software Freedom Day 2017! ✨
  • Thu 17 August 2017: Games Night 🎮
  • Thu 20 July 2017: What is Free Software and Why is it Important
  • Thu 6 July 2017: Working Group - Preparing a "Licencing GovHack Projects" Talk
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      Local discussion groups

      Local discussion groups are a great way to meet others who share your interest in free software. Please let us know if you'd like to start a free software discussion group in your area.

      Free Software Melbourne

      Every third Thursday evening we meet to discuss current news in free software, perhaps a talk from a member or a visitor, followed by some group discussion. It's very relaxed and informal with no prior knowledge expected. For those able, we also follow on for tasty dinner at a nearby restaurant.

      More about Free Software Melbourne

      Free Software Sydney

      A Free Software Activist group that is currently being organised by Andri Effendi and Olivier Mehani.

      More about Free Software Sydney

      LibrePlanet Brisbane

      LibrePlanet Brisbane is a group focused on free software activism, advocacy and education. We meet on the first Thursday of each month, at The Edge, a facility of the State Library of Queensland in South Brisbane.

      More about LibrePlanet Brisbane

      LibrePlanet Brisbane