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Hi Folks,

Sorry if we've seemed a bit quiet, it appears that recently the committee email address was accidentally removed from the mailing list causing our messages to go un-posted. I think we've managed to fix the issue, so hopefully all is well and you'll be reading this announcement.

Thanks to everyone who managed to find us last month and participate in the discussion around Privacy and Free Software. I have attached the updated slides incorporating every ones feedback to this months email and we're really grateful for the feedback and input.

This month we're going to be trying something different with our first (maybe annual) FSM Wiki Working Bee.

First up we'll be having a review of the wiki and some discussion around what we want to keep, what we want to improve and what we can archive or remove. After that discussion we'll work on some of the items we think we can tackle in small groups or collaborative sessions. We'll try to finish off the night with a show and tell of what we've been able to complete (or what we hope to have finished soon).

So come along and have a your say about what happens to our wiki. We’ll be meeting virtually via Big Blue Button at 7:30pm. This will be a non technical event so feel free to join the initial discussion and find out how easy it can be to contribute to a wiki.


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