SFD Video Previews and Free Software Video Night


Hey everyone,

Thanks to everyone who logged in to another awesome Software Freedom Day last month. If you weren't able to make it to the event live then hold tight because we are working on creating videos for each of the presentations.

One exception to that is Noémi's final talk about Searx. Unfortunately the audio was not recorded, so unless someone from the audience recorded the audio and is happy to share it with us we unfortunately won't be able to put together a video for that one.

This month we're having a Free Software Video Night. We thought it would be fun to have a sneak peak at the "Best of SFD 2021" where we preview and discuss a few minutes of each of the speaker's talks.

Keeping with the Video Night theme we'll finish off the evening with a Blender movie or two from the many available. We'll have a vote on the night and the top movies will win.

Just to refresh your memory: the Blender movies we'll be picking from are Coffee Run, Spring, Hero, Daily Dweebs, Agent 327: Operation Barbershop, Caminandes 3: Llamigos, Glass Half, Cosmos Laundromat, Caminandes 2: Gran Dillama, Caminandes 1: Llama Drama, Tears of Steel, Sintel, Big Buck Bunny, Elephants Dream.


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