Favorite Free Software for 2021


Hi all,

Last month videos night was fun and great to see some highlights from Software Freedom Day.

As this month is our last regular meeting for the year it would be great to look back at the year and what Free and Open Source Software we found useful and helpful over the last year.

We will go around the group and everyone will have a chance to talk about their favourite Free and Open Source Software. It can be anything from a short shout out or personal recommendation, a quick demonstration of how you use the software or a full run down of the features and benefits of your tool of choice.

At the moment our committee numbers are currently lower than we like so we are looking for anyone interested to join the committee. In addition to our regular meetings the committee also meets up for an hour or two every month and beyond that you can contribute as much or as little time as you have to share. We could use people with all sorts of skill sets.

Come along and celebrate 2021 and all the great Free and Open Source Software it has brought us.


  • Thursday, 18th November 2021, 7:30pm-9:00pm
  • Join us at: https://venue.electronworkshop.com.au/b/fsm-7fm-etn-vj8
  • Join the FSM mailing list to be notified of events: https://lists.softwarefreedom.com.au/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/free-software-melb

Meeting Tips:

  • Be sure to test your audio on the way in. Your mic will be muted when you join the room.
  • Headsets are recommended to reduce any feedback.
  • Code of Conduct: https://freesoftware.org.au/code-of-conduct
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