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Hi Freedom Lovers,

Thanks to every one who came along to our meetup about a Right to Repair submission to the enquiry. We got a sold draft knocked out and had shaped it into a great submission by the weekend. I've posted a copy of the submission on our wiki: and I was able to track down our pdf submission on the Productivity Commission website:

This month we're going to put our heads together and plan out the campaigns for the year ahead. Do you want more hardware reviews, more campaigns like Right to Repair or just more games. Which campaigns should we continue our involvement in and what other campaigns are emerging that we could lend our weight to? Now's your chance to have your say about how the this year at Free Software Melbourne will be.

We'll all take a look at the campaigns we are currently running and what we can do next. We'll also look at what we need to do to plan for and participate in events like Melbourne Knowledge Week and Privacy Week. If you're aware of any other events we could participate in come along and tell us about it or make suggestions on the mailing list before the meetup.

So come along and help set course for this year at Free Software Melbourne. We’ll be meeting virtually via Big Blue Button at 7:30pm. This will be a non technical event so feel free to join the discussion, make suggestions or just listen in.


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