Ben Minerds on Javascript frameworks, Ben Sturmfels on free software accounting

Great to see many new faces last month!

This month, Ben Minerds will be looking into various Javascript frameworks, tools that make it feasible to build larger programs that run inside a web browser. This has some interesting free software aspects, to do with how you're running the programs simply by visiting the website.

Now I don't admit this very often, but I have a fondness for bookkeeping. So, given it's tax time again, I'll be briefly talking about "Accounting in the Free World"; my experiences running my own small business accounting on free software. Bernie Schelberg will be presenting the Gnews. If you can join us, we'll follow on for dinner at Classic Curry on Elizabeth Street.

If you're unable to be there in person, tune in to our live audio stream.

See you there!

Ben Sturmfels

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