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Were now just three weekends away from our first Contributing to Free Software & Open Source Workshop comming up on the 22nd of August. We already have a few signups and I've also been busying myself brushing up on android development in case we get some people keen to do some mobie development.

I'm also piecing together a presentation on Wikipedia for the event and have been heavily utilizing Wikimedia to source images for the slides... I've been staggered by the vast range of various Lego imagery in the Commons which I stumbled across while looking for something else. The photo at the end of this blog is one of these from Wikimedia Commons and was donated by Johan Hansson.

It was also serindipitious that the first talk at Linux Users Victoria this month reminded me of my first non-typo contribuition to Wikipedia when about two years ago Chris Samuel gave another presentation to LUV about the (then) state of the art Avoca Blue Gene-Q (which has just recently dropped out of the top 500 super computers in the world). That talk inspired me to update the Blue Gene page to include the Avoca.

Now I just cant wait for the 22nd to come around so we can all make or further our contribuitions to Free/Libre & Open Source as a real community and I hope you'll all be able to join us too.

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