Adam and Andrew make Free Software Melbourne awesome

Free Software Melbourne is awesome because people like Adam Bolte and Andrew Spiers make it so. We thank you both for your time and effort organising the monthly meetups, finding interesting speakers, running Software Freedom Day, organising campaigns, hosting games nights and much more.

Peter Serwylo core developer of F-Droid + much Gnews, Melbourne 16 April

I was talking to Peter Serwylo about an app he's recently published in the F-Droid free software app store. I asked whether he'd be interested in coming to tell Free Software Melbourne about it. "I'll go one better", he said. "I'm actually one of the core developers of F-Droid. Would you like me to talk about that?"

William Grant on working in free software + plenty of Gnews, Melbourne 19 March

There's always a lot of interest in getting a job working on free software. William Grant will be telling us about how he got started contributing to free software and ended up working with Canonical.

GNews for Thursday 2015-02-19

As usual at our regular Free Software Melbourne meetings, we had a bunch of GNews items to discuss. Here are the notes from this month's GNews.

iPads in schools plus loads of Gnews, Melbourne 19 Feb

This Thursday we'll be talking about the widespread use of iPads in primary schools and how kids are introduced to technology. This topic really took off on the mailing list recently, so it's clearly important to many of you.