Free as in Freedom

While we are not directly affiliated with the Free Software Foundation in the US, it is very obvious how much we are infulenced by their work.

In particular is the works of Richard Stallman and as a part of this is the three books that have been produced by the Free Software Foundation - "Free as in Freedom".

The first version of this was released in 2002 by Sam Williams. It profiles the founder of the Free software movement and the motivations for producing the movement. It is done mostly in a 'summer read' biography style about the founder and less about the works that where produced.

The second version is a revised version of the book by Richard Stallman. It is a unique piece of work in that it is a biography has been produced both by a biographer and said subject.

Third edition is a complete summary of Stallmans essays from and is a great piece of work that shoudl be given to people that want to learn about the free software movement. While this is titled "Free Software Free Society" it is considered version 3.

Over the last decade or so it has become somewhat difficult to find copies of these books, even online. For those who it may concern, we have compiled these books so that they are all in one place.

Free as in Freedom Version 1

Free as in Freedom Version 2

Free as in Freedom Version 3 AKA Free Software Free Society.

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