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FSM Sept 16th - Software Freedom Day 2017!

It's that time of the year where we celebrate our freedoms in technology and raise a ruckus about all the freedoms that have been eroded away. The time of the year we look at how we might keep our increasingly digital lives under our our own control and prevent prying eyes from seeing things they shouldn't. You guessed it: It's Software Freedom Day!

Free Software Melbourne, in conjunction with Linux Users Victoria, is celebrating the 14th annual Software Freedom Day with talks from Linux Users Victoria, Electronic Frontiers Australia and the F-Droid app store. We'll also be having plenty of networking opportunities, introductions to local technology groups and a Linux installfest. So bring down that old pc you were about to throw away and give it a new coat of Debian and bring it back to life!

We have a Code of conduct online which we follow. In short: Be respectful. Be mindful. Work together. Link provided below. This is the a family friendly event, please invite anyone that is interested along to help make it a great day

Entry is free anytime, so help spread the word on everyone’s liberties. Tea, Coffee and light refreshments will be provided gratis

Hope to see all your happy faces at the event (you don't have to be happy, but be there!)

Time Table

FSM Aug 17th - Games Night 🎮

Hi freedom lovers,

This month at Free Software Melbourne we're going to get together and gave some fun playing, demoing and talking Free Software Games.

At some point in the games we'll take a break for the usual Gnews and catch up on recent happenings in digital freedoms.

Doors open at 6pm with the main event starting at 6:30pm and dinner to follow at KL Bunga Raya ( when we wrap up.

So bring yourself or bring a friend, but be sure to bring a laptop and a few of your favorite games! All are welcome as this is most definitely a non-technical event.

Thursday 17th August, 6:30-8:30pm
Electron Workshop - 31 Arden St, North Melbourne, Victoria, 3051
Travel tips by Electron Workshop:
Running late or can't find us? Call 0419 390 496

FSM Jul 20th - What is Free Software and Why is it Important

Greetings freedom lovers, it is that time of the month again where we get together to discuss all things digital freedom. What you love and what you worry about, all views are welcome.

This month it to be started with a small talk following by discussion of the topic;  “What is Free Software and Why is it important. (or what’s wrong with proprietary software anyway? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )”

Societies across the globe rely on computers, phones and data networks for communication, trade, collaboration, and entertainment. The software (applications) that runs on computers, servers and phones allow users to email, write letters, record movies, play songs, conduct business, order items from around the world and keep in
touch with friends (to name just a few).

The software that we use everyday was created by companies, collaborative efforts or individuals from across the world. Many of the applications we use are proprietary software that the user cannot easily or legally change, copy or study. Even though we usually pay for the proprietary software we use, we don’t have full control of it, it has control over what we can do.

Hence, there has been a movement to use Free Software that explicitly allows the user to copy, study, modify and run the software we use. So that the user has control over what their computer, phone or other devices can or cannot do.

This talk will explain in non-technical language what is "Free Software" and why is it important for society? It will be a general discussion suitable for anyone in the community (i.e. non-geeks, non-gurus and non-nerds are all very welcome).

Further, we will discuss how the Free Software Melbourne can help promote the awareness and use of Free Software by anyone who users a computer or smart device.

After the discussion there will be the usual Gnews for the month... it's not pleasant this month but we will keep you up to date with everything Free Software. However chins up, we will keep fighting for freedom.

Doors open at 6pm with the main event starting at 6:30pm and dinner to follow in North Melbourne at 8pm.

So bring yourself or bring a friend. All are welcome as this is a non-technical event.

Thursday 20th July, 6:30-8:30pm
Electron Workshop - 31 Arden St, North Melbourne, Victoria, 3051
Travel tips by Electron Workshop:
Running late or can't find us? Call 0419 390 496

FSM Working Group July 6th - Preparing a "Licencing GovHack Projects" Talk

Hey Free Software Hackers,

The big item on the agenda at the working group this month is converting the current hackathon pamphlet material into a talk and some accompanying notes for the speaker to fall back on

GovHack is just around the corner so we'd better get cracking. We're also keen to hear from any volunteers who want to present the material at GovHack or form our own FSM GovHack team

Join us at The Leveson at 6:30 on Thursday the 6th of July, where we'll prepare the content that goes to GovHack and enjoy some tasty food and beverage. Feel free to drop any suggestions in the FSM Riot channel too

See you there.

Thursday 6th July, 6:30-8:00pm
Location: The Leveson (46 Leveson St, North Melbourne)
Having trouble finding us? Call 0419 390 496

Open Letter to AMD

An open letter to AMD on the importance of "putting people first" from Free Software Melbourne To Dr. Lisa Su (President and Chief Executive Officer AMD)

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