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20th Oct Meeting - Michael Verrenkamp on the Paradoxes of Free Software

It is that time of the month again! 6:30PM on Thursday 20th at The Electron Workshop (31 Arden Street, North Melbourne) it is time for the monthly Free software Melbourne meet up

Software Freedom Day 2016

It doesn't matter how much you directly participate in software
freedom or what operating system you run, all that matters is that you
would like to live in a world of software freedom where every
individual can control the code that runs on their computer and the
conditions under which it executes. It's that time of the year for all
of us who compute to celebrate our freedoms in technology and indulge
in the finer details of keeping our increasingly digital lives under
our direct control.

Free Software Melbourne, in conjunction with Linux Users Victoria, is
celebrating the 13th annual Software Freedom Day. With a variety of
talks and workshops helping everyone to get the most out of the
Free/Libre and Open Source communities and the free software they make


Our gracious hosts this year are:

Electron Workshop co-working space
31 Arden Street, North Melbourne

Time Table

A (data) array of wonderful talkers have been so kind as to help
spread the word or just give you a tour of some great programs that
respect you.


FSM 18/08/16: Democracy the open source way and more Gnews than you can statisticaly sample

What does the Australian democratic system have in common with Eurovision?

No. It's not the wigs and over the top singing... No not the ongoing controversies and backstabbing...

It's the backroom dealings over the voting, that and Paul Foxworthy. While it's too soon to fully understand the ramifications of the updated senate voting it's never too soon to start talking about Eurovision. This month Paul will discuss his ongoing project and how similar techniques might be applicable to other (more entertaining) voting systems

We'll also be having our regular Gnews segment where we hope to discuss something other than the census, but we'll have to see about that, and as usual we'll end the night with a stroll down Errol st to KL Bunga Raya. Doors at  Electron Workshop (31 Arden Street) open at 6pm with the event kicking off at about 6:30pm and drinks are available at EW member prices!

Free Software Melbourne - Meetup 21th July 2016 - Scientific Hooliganism

Free Software Melbourne - Meetup Thursday 21th July 2016

Free Software Melbourne - Meetup 16th June 2016 - DRM and you

Free Software Melbourne - Meetup 16th June 2016

What’s that sound? That’s the next free software meeting coming down the tracks. If you are watching Netflix, grabbing the latest audio book from Audible or just streaming the next big smash flop on Pandora… DON'T DO THAT! If you do then you are deep into the realm of DRM (Digital Restrictions Management), something that our main guest this month knows a few things about.

Meet Adam Turner, Free lance journalist, our main speaker and all round good guy (I can safely presume); as he chats to us about how DRM affects our lives. Having been a writer for close to two decade for the likes of The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald plus almost every local technology publication online you could care to mention AND having a weekly podcast discussing all facets of modern technology. One gets the feeling he might know a thing or two about these issues and it will be a fascination talk and discussion. For more information check out his website

For more additional information about how DRM is affecting our lives check out

As is the standard there will be the monthly Gnews sure to get people chatting so please, do get involved. We want to hear your voice. Bring a friend if you want as everyone is welcome.

Come join our community on Thursday 16th June at the Electron Workshop; 31 Arden Street, North Melbourne.

Doors open at 6pm with the talks going from 6:30pm til 8pm then dinner around the corner.  Tea and Coffee will be provided gratis with other drinks available for purchase.
See you all there!

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