Apple's Sunset on Freedom

Apple's Sunset on Freedom

Installation and Walkthrough of Pop!_OS

Pop!_OS is an interesting distribution that we thought might be worth exploring and demonstrating with the group. While Pop!_OS is primarily built to be bundled with the computers built by System76, we can download it and install it on a variety of computers. While Pop!_OS is not "Free Software" as fully bundled operating system, Sytem76 are big supporters of the GPL and many of the components of it are.

A show and tell about NextCloud

A show and tell about NextCloud

Data sovereignty with a look at an actual instance

The extensive use of Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud infrastructure in modern times raises serious questions around data sovereignty and ownership: where does the data reside? who owns it? who has access and control of it? and what does that mean for me?

Software Freedom Day - 19th of September 2020

Celebrating Software Freedom Day 2020

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FLOSS and The Commons

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