Free Software Melbourne Meeting, Thursday 16th April 2020: Staying connected with Free Software


FSM Apr 16th — Staying connected with Free Software — Signal and Jitsi

As COVID-19 has most of us held up in our homes, social distancing and avoiding crowds — never has the need for Free and Open communications with each other been more important.

As much as folks may want to rush out and grab a proprietary solution to talk to friends and family. Stop! Don't do it! Not only for the privacy of yourself but for your friends and loved ones. The recent media coverage of privacy and security concerns is demonstrating why we need trusted and secure software for our personal and confidential communications.

As a part of this year's theme of de-FAANG (removal of predatory big tech companies from your life), we are exploring the world of online communications and presenting some Free/Libre and Open Source solutions to keeping in touch.

Again we'll be meeting via an online video web chat called Jitsi. We will demonstrate some neat alternatives to allow you to communicate with others and respect everyone's freedoms. From text messaging on your phone that is encrypted end-to-end, through to voice and video chat that can allow that ear-to-ear and face-to-face connection that we sometimes need, Free Software has you covered.

Event starts at 6:30pm on Thursday 16th April 2020.


Thursday 16th April, 6:30-8:00pm
Jitsi Meet Room:
Meeting Tips: Mute your mic when joining or not talking
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