When the Cloud bites

When the Cloud bites

It has come to light that Google has raised the price of their online 'G Suite' service. Google Raises G Suite Prices

This is an excellent example of how if you use an online service that you do not control - you are at the mercy of the provider. Cloud companies have a track record of both raising prices and suddenly withdrawing services. For some people this can be an annoyance, for others they are running key infrastructure on system they do not control. Amazon Web Services (AWS) are a good example. As of 2017, AWS accounted for 34% of all Cloud services - any change they make can disrupt large amount of the online digital world. It is only a matter of time until this happens.

There are other big issues with cloud computing that you can read here Cloud Computing

. We recommend self hosting while using free software to avoid these issues. It can be a little more difficult to do initially but it keeps you the user in total control of the system you own and can allow you to protect the people you serve. It also means that you have the ability to personally fix issues if they arise rather than just waiting, powerless, on the owner of a hosting service to eventually fix these issues - if they fix them.

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