Surprise dinner with Molly de Blanc, this Thu 11 Feb

Hi Freedom Lovers,

We have a surprise for you! Molly de Blanc is visiting Melbourne following her talk at LCA 2016 last week in Geelong. We're organising a casual dinner with Molly this Thursday. Please come along and join us!

Aside from just hanging out being awesome, Molly is the Community Coordinator at edX (makers of the free courseware platform) and has also worked with the FSF. She spoke last week about education and the AGPL:

Look forward to seeing you.


Dinner with Molly de Blanc

Thursday 11 February, 6:30pm

The Standard Hotel, 293 Fitzroy St, Fitzroy (between Bell St & Moor St)

Nearest tram lines are Tram 96 to East Brunswick (stop 14 on Nicholson
St) or Tram 112 West Preston (stop 15 on Brunswick St).

RSVP to ben at so we don't surprise the restaurant.

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