Show and Tell / Committee Voting

Alan Watts once said "You know you are wearing a comfortable pair of shoes when you are aware of the comfort" or something to that degree. In the same essence, when you know you have a good piece of free software you know how good it is and you just want to share it with the world!

In that essence, it is time for 'Free software Show and tell' when you can show off the great software you use or even some you have built yourself! Discuss what you see or provide recommendations to other.

We will also be conducting our annual committee elections to vote in or out those that help organize Free Software Melbourne/Australia every month. If you are interesting in running then please step forward. Have a nomination for someone, that is all good as well. Maybe I will be pushed out of my spot? Anyones guess nowadays.

This is a non-technical event and all are welcome.

The event is on 6:30PM - Thursday 15th November 2018 at Electron Workshop; 31 Arden Street North Melbourne.

Doors open at 6pm and the event will go through to 8pm. Afterwards we will have dinner in North Melbourne as usual and we can continue any discussion that will have arisen.

Currently unrated