Inclusion Policy update proposal and FSM for 2020


Hey Folks,

Although many people might consider the topic of Inclusion Policies to be a bit dry, I found this months meetup interesting and learned something from most of the examples we looked at. In particular I would recommend checking out the Atlassian playbook and the concepts of team health as a foundation on which values like inclusivity and diversity can be built ( As always the presentation slides are available online if you want to check out any of the resources:

For our own short to mid term needs I have proposed updating our Code of Conduct to better line up with the Linux Conf Au and Linux Users of Victoria policies. I see this as having the immediate benefit of updating and modernising our language and guidelines. I also think it will better harmonise our policies with the groups we are likely to run events with like Software Freedom Day. I also think it would be a good idea to provide specialist contact details in the form of BeyondBlue and/or HeadSpace for people with serious concerns or ongoing issues. Please provide any feedback to the mailing list (or myself at over the next week and after any feedback or revisions we'll update the Free Software website with the new policies.

The other major topic of discussion was getting involved with other groups and promoting the group to a broader audience. In particular we should start using libre platforms like LibrePlanet, Mastodon and Diaspora to get our message out there. Also this year we will make an effort to get involved in community events like Melbourne Knowledge Week and we will also propose a session for Linux Conf Au discussing FLOSS licencing.

~~ Ben

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