FSM Working Group ... lets try to do it Riot this time

Hey there Libre-tarians

This month the Free Software Working Group kicks back into action for 2017 and unfortunatly we find ourselves without a home base for the Working Group meetings... but never fear it's FREE SOFTWARE to the rescue!

Damien Zammit has kindly set us up a Matrix/Riot room on a federated server at #freesoftwaremelb:matrix.zammit.org (you can access the room through https://riot.im/app) and I've seen a demo of the desktop web client being used for video conferencing ... so why not give it a road test this Thursday the 2nd at 7:00pm

If everything goes smoothly I'd like to get around to reviewing the Free Software Melbourne website addressing some recent issues with the wiki and ensuring that important information is updated and accessible.

That being said we may just spend the evening trouble shooting issues with video conferencing issues so let's keep our fingers crossed. Hope to see, hear or read you there everyone

Time: 7:00pm Thurday 2nd March
Venue: https://riot.im/app
Directions: Search for "#freesoftwaremelb:matrix.zammit.org"
Map: https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?query=0%2C%200#map=2/0.0/0.0

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