FSM 18/08/16: Democracy the open source way and more Gnews than you can statisticaly sample

What does the Australian democratic system have in common with Eurovision?

No. It's not the wigs and over the top singing... No not the ongoing controversies and backstabbing...

It's the backroom dealings over the voting, that and Paul Foxworthy. While it's too soon to fully understand the ramifications of the updated senate voting it's never too soon to start talking about Eurovision. This month Paul will discuss his ongoing auprefs.info project and how similar techniques might be applicable to other (more entertaining) voting systems

We'll also be having our regular Gnews segment where we hope to discuss something other than the census, but we'll have to see about that, and as usual we'll end the night with a stroll down Errol st to KL Bunga Raya. Doors at  Electron Workshop (31 Arden Street) open at 6pm with the event kicking off at about 6:30pm and drinks are available at EW member prices!

Hope to see you all there :D

Paul Foxworthy (@ConcreteGannet) is an open source developer and trainer living in Melbourne. He  works with Open Source Industry Australia and is a director of Coherent Software

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