FSM 17th Nov - Free Software Show and Tell night

Hi Software Freedom Lovers

It's that time of the year when we look back and think about the Free Software that has improved our lives and given us all so much joy. So join us this Thursday November the 17th at Electron Workshop (31 Arden Street) for our last meetup in the usual place this year for a "Free Software Show and Tell". We'll each go round and talk for a few minutes about the one or two pieces of Free and Open Source Software that has made a big impact on us this year

It can be something you've just heared about and it sparked your interest or something you've come to rely upon day in and day out

If you're stuck for ideas you can always review some of the release sections of our gnews (conveniently linked below) or resort to just ranting about Stallman and Torvalds for a bit for that matter. Or maybe it was a video discussing the concepts of FLOSS that caught your attention this year

At 6:30 Michael Verrenkamp will kick us off with call to action on a campaign he's supporting and then we'll get into the show and tells. When we finish those we'll celebrate the last meetup of the year with pizza for dinner and finish the night off with our usual Gnews and Discussion and aim to wrap up around 8:00

I know I picked up a few new tools last year at the show and tell and it's always a fun night, so I'm cracking to see you all there on the 17th!

Event details

Thursday 17th Nov, 6:30-8:00pm
31 Arden St, North Melbourne, Victoria, 3051
Map: http://osm.org/go/uG4HWyqEz?m=&node=2556615434
Travel tips by Electron Workshop: http://www.electronworkshop.com.au/map/
Running late or can't find us? Call Ben on 0419 390 496.

Notable FOSS releases of the year:







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