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Hi everyone,

With the dramatic changes to how we go about our day-to-day business over the past months there have also been dramatic changes to the software we use and rely upon every day. So this month we are going to catch up for a 'Free Software Show and Tell' event where we all take a turn talking about our favourite Free or Open Source project at the moment and discuss your favourite features or why it’s so useful.

From your favourite audio player right up to your favourite new distros or even mobile software from F-Droid and friends, we want to know what Free Software is doing for you. There is always something new and exciting in Free and Open Source Software that can help us all to keep excited and optimistic for the future.

We will talk about some of the great free software helping us through this pandemic and hope that you will join in and talk about what software has been helping you. This event is open to all and no technical expertise is required.


  • Thursday 16th July, 6:30-8:00pm
  • BBB Room:
  • Short video intro to BBB:
  • Meeting Tips: Be sure to test your audio on the way in. Your mic will be muted when you join the room. Headsets are recommended to reduce any feedback.

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