December Meetup - 6:30pm Friday 13th December 2019

The Christmas puddings at Coles are now being heavily discounted because they have been on the shelf for over 3 months, you know what that means... Christmas is just around the corner and with that it is also the end of another great year for Free Software Australia! As is tradition, the last meetup of the year is casual affair with dinner at Char Sui House in North Melbourne. No talks or pre-planned agenda, just an excuse to get together talk and have a great meal. Talk about the great things that have happened, things that concerned you and then move on to the great things that lay ahead in the world of free software in the new decade.

Dinner will be at 6:30pm on Friday 13th December at Char Siu House - 37 Errol St, North Melbourne. If you are lost on the night I can be contacted via mobile on 0433 96 96 77.

- Michael

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