21st of May meeting recap

The 21st of May was the Free Software Melbourne meetup with guests from GovHack and Russell Coker this month. We trailed our first live stream of the meetings which was a particular success with a few regular members unable to attend in person but listening in from around Melbourne. Jordan Wilson-Otto and Alisha Ryans-Taylor from GovHack gave us a run down on the upcoming competition and outlined it's goals in regard to Open Government and some of it's history in Australia.

After another frantic Gnews Russell gave us an account of his journey with Free Software and in particular Debian and SELinux. I especially enjoyed the Debian SElinux demo box stories... If I'd been given an offer like that I do more than just try "rm -Rf /". I also found the amusing story about email client bugs another good reasons to stick with server side email storage, where I can't mess it up :p. They were definitely some interesting topics this month sparking discussions that continued over to dinner at Classic Curry.

You can also listen in to the recording of the night here:


or join us on meetup here:


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