Free Software Melbourne

April Discussion Group & Dinner

Thur 17 April 2014, VPAC Head Office, 6-9pm

This month: Damien Zammit talking about freeing your BIOS, lots of Free Software news as always, plus a tasty dinner afterwards. See you then!

Freeing your BIOS

Following recent disclosure of widespread US government surveillance, it's becoming clear that Free Software is critical to building devices that maintain our that act in our interests, rather than someone else's.

Although we don't yet have much choice but to trust the security of our hardware1, it is possible to have Free Software right down to the BIOS level. Damien has been interested in this area some time and has recently succeeded in installing a free BIOS in his laptop. He'll be telling us about his work in this area.

Coming up in 2014

  • 15 May: Discussion group & dinner
  • 19 June: Discussion group & dinner

About us

We're a group who meet monthly to discuss free software and related issues. Our aims are to:

  1. Connect people interested in free software issues
  2. Share knowledge and experience, eg. understanding free software licensing
  3. Support and encourage free software advocacy
  4. Work together on solving issues local to Australia, eg. that software by the Australian Tax Office is proprietary


We're part of LibrePlanet, a network of free software groups all around the world. We share the values of the Free Software Foundation on the GNU Project. We're also part of the fledgling Australian Free Software Association.

We're non-technical and fill a niche that complements more technical GNU/Linux user groups like the Linux Users of Victoria or the Melbourne Linux Users Group.

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Each month (third Thursday), we meet to discuss one or more free software issues. It is a relaxed "sit around and chat" type event. No prior knowledge is expected.

VPAC Head Office Training Room
Level 1, Building 91, 110 Victoria Street
Carlton South

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For more information

For more information about the group, please contact Ben Sturmfels.


1 Matthew Garret's LCA 2014 keynote gave a risk analysis of trusting our hardware.