Responsibilities in Free Software Melbourne

The purpose of this list is to define the various responsibilities held by committee members.

  • Participate on FSM website, wiki and mailing list
    • Website: Post blog entries for meetup announcing speaker (see details below)
    • Wiki: Post committee notes and generaly improve the space (good scout principle)
    • Mailing list: Ensure you are enrolled and able to post messages to the "general" and "announce" lists
  • Be involved in planning upcoming meetings and events
  • Suggest potential speakers, events and activities for the group
  • Be involved in promoting FSM and outreach to other groups
  • Be a good advocat and role model for the group
  • Bring groups attention to current and upcoming campaigns and events
  • Liaise with other related groups
  • Make and sell merchandise like stickers (RedBubble might be a good option, just design a sticker and profit)
  • Setup EtherPad for committe meetings like this example (most meetings won't have everything, but the basic form)
  • Prepare and setup audio recording for meetups
  • Send out announcement emails at least one week before the meetup to the "announce" and "main" mailing lists
  • Consider posting to,, Diaspora or similar
  • Consider preparing a short summary of the meet up for the blog

Example schedule:

  • 6:30pm Welcome and introduce speaker
  • 6:40pm Talk/discussion
  • 7:10pm Q&A and topic discussion
  • 7:30pm Gnews
  • 8:00pm Leave

How to prepare an announcement: