Ideas for promoting the group

Initially this needs to be focused on key groups that are closely aligned with our goals. Linux Users Victoria, Open Knowledge etc.

Follow up would be through education in schools and universities and eventually by spreading the word to those that are eager to listen to the message. Free software is fundamentally a political movement in terms of ensuring people the free use of their computers, we are not to focus on technology too much.

If we can get the message out via talks at other political groups, radio or even TV then we should take to opportunities. Caution must be made not to associate with groups that promote negative or destructive points of view as it will reflect poorly on us. We must also keep in mind to stay neutral in terms of political stance and not bring personal bias into play other than that which promotes the use and spread of free software.

The continued promotion and execution of Software Freedom Day is a key element as it brings in people from a wide array of fields that are interested in what free software can do for them and their community.

  • Speaking at other groups
  • Providing an opportunity for students to get help with their first free software contribution - advertise at Universities
  • notes from community building workshop on Software Freedom Day 2011{: page-href="wiki:///promotion"}