Priorities for Free Software Melbourne

This is a list of the current projects we're working on.

Formalise committee positions: This will help the group keep its momentum when key people get busy. It also help reconfigure and encourage other keen people.

As of mid 2017 there will be a trail period of 12 months doing away with committee titles. This is to allow for a more dynamic allocation of resources at the organizational level. At the 19th April 2018 there will be the next round of committee elections, from here it will be determined how this concept has worked out.

Encourage equal gender membership and participation.

The stereo type of the technology business is one that is dominated by males. This is a very accurate depiction that needs to change. The ideas of the past continue to hold back society in terms of equality and this needs to change as soon as possible. We do not discriminate against anyone.

Get more involved in prepared for Software Freedom Day


List of completed objectives

  • Draft a code of conduct -