Thursday 17 October 2013

Where:VPAC Head Office front room Level 1 Building 91 110 Victoria Street Pizza's provided by VPAC.

Meeting summary

  • Kicked off with some discussion on how Software Freedom Day went in Melbourne and Ballarat, as well as Ben's work on gathering patent review submissions.

  • Alex Fraser gave a talk on the status of his Cargo release, provided some details about how the game was developed, and there was some discussion around options for promoting the game.

  • Adam Bolte showed off a few of the SaaS applications running on his home server, such as ownCloud and Tiny Tiny RSS. Slides have been made available here.

  • Free pizza, thanks to VPAC for sponsoring.

  • Bianca Gibson discussed ways to identify and avoid volunteer burnout.{: page-href="wiki:///meetingNotes/20131017"}