Thursday 18 July 2013

Where:VPAC Head Office front room Level 1 Building 91 110 Victoria Street Dinner followed at Grill'd (Melbourne Central).

Meeting summary

  • Bianca brought in cake! And not just any cake; vegan cake - my favourite! :)

  • While eating delicious cake, we discussed what's been happening in the free software world, including:

    • Sites still using Flash for DRM, and associated problems with needing Chrome to get the latest version of Flash. This boils down to sites mandating a specific browser. Hey, 1997 called and want their Internets back!
    • Nobody panic... but Gallium now has a DirectX9 STATE TRACKER!!
    • Other topics far too nefarious to be listed here!
  • 18:30 - Alex's software presentation - Raster Storage Archive

    • This is a project Alex convinced his work to release as free software!
    • Alex prepared a professional video presentation (using Blender!), followed by a Q/A session.
    • Project page:
  • 19:00 - Ouya - Finally, a modern freedom-respecting gaming console?

    • Slide presentation! After all, what better way to enjoy a game console than read slides about it?
    • Oh I know... Game demos!!
  • ownCloud

    • 0.5.9 released yesterday
    • oh, we didn't actually get time to discuss this!!
  • Pirate Party's take on copyright, patent and privacy (Ben McGinnes, Pirate Party)

    • Unfortunately Ben McGinnes couldn't make it due to a small family emergency. He later sent his apologies and has offered to be available next month.
    • We did type this up on a PiratePad so it kinda counts...
  • 20:00 - Dinner at Grill'd in Melbourne Central.

  • 21:30 - Finished up.

Sometimes things don't go to plan. That didn't stop us from having a fun night, and it turned out that we were struggling for time with just the two topics. A great night overall.{: page-href="wiki:///meetingNotes/20130718"}