Thursday 18 April 2013

E-book readers

  • Alex can report success avoiding the DRM features of Kobo Touch
    • not needing to register to get a key
    • obviously can't read DRM'd books (eg. modern/popular books)
    • not much info about it
  • anything in the new copyright provisions that may allow shifting of DRM'd content for disabled users
  • Adam has a Bebook Neo
    • epub digital magazines
    • Project Gutenberg
  • David has Hanvon N516 for several years working without DRM
    • is on David's device
    • lists lots of devices in wiki

DRM and HTML5 - explanation by Adam Bolte

  • Netflix/Quickflix
    • Silverlight based, but limited support
      • running out of options
  • EME: Encrypted media extensions - interface for DRM

  • techdirt article - Alex

  • Choice letter?

Media Goblin shirt

  • Ben F. asks what to do with the Media Goblin shirt he received for the group's donation.
  • possibly use it to raise awareness for free software amongst other groups?
  • Wordpress Melb?
    • can Media Goblin plug in to Wordpress etc?
  • CCHS
  • IGDA
  • Melbourne Blender Society
  • LUV?

Prospect of electing committee

  • Ben S. gave a bit of background and suggested that this is something we should do soon.


  • please add street address on announcement email (near Melb City Baths)
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