Easy Advocacy

Part of the problem with tackling big problems like software patents is that they can seem insurmountable. It's hard to get started, easy to get discouraged and there's little gratification. We need to balance these with some smaller projects.

On 20 October 2011 Melbourne Free Software Interest Group brainstormed about free software advocacy project that could be achieved in the short term, allow people to get involved and get some satisfaction within days or weeks.

Promote free software PDF Readers on government websites

Give feedback to ATO on eTax


Librecore Free Software Bios Firmware

Coreboot free software bios

Secure boot

Membership with FSF, donations

Linking up with EFA

Neighbourhood community centre

Teaching at schools


Getting involved in Unis

Help maintain FSF Free Software Directory


Thanking people make free software projects successful

This isn't strictly advocacy, but we could consider writing some (paper) cards/postcards to people involved in free software projects. Being thanked for the hard work you do and receiving snail mail help contributors stay motivated be fulfilled by what they do. We could even got some Melbourne Free Software cards printed...

Promote Free Software videos

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