New Website Project


  • Incremental improvements (we may never get there if we go for big bang)
  • Website is and up-to-date place to find out what's going on.
  • Make our communications more accessible to people who aren't on the mailing list.
  • Emphasis that we're active, enthusiastic and friendly.


Ideas for what we want in a new website:

  • Photos of people at FSM activities on home page (helps portray group as friendly and accessible)
  • Blog interface to news, meeting announcements and summaries
  • Prominent link to wiki
  • Prominent link to sign up to announcements
  • Wwitter bootstrap
  • iCal format for upcoming events

What to do with Australian Free Software Association

This was an idea Ben S. had during the strong national engagement we had on the patents petition. It doesn't actually exist. Ben S. isn't really sure of how this organisation would relate to say Linux Australia. It would be important that the organisation complement, rather than compete with Linux Australia.

  • Have FSM as a sub-domain (e.g.
  • Australian site aggregates State sub-sites?
  • leave open the future emergence of state groups{: page-href="wiki:///NewWebsite"}