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17th November 2016
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System Saviour Ben Sturmfels Electron Workshop

Gnews :: Things to do

Pardon Julian Assange

Tim Berners-Lee just gave us an opening to stop DRM in Web standards

Gnews :: Free Culture

Operation upgrade: A failed Windows laptop program was turned into a Linux success.

Internet Archive turns 20

Eben Moglen, Software Freedom Through Diplomacy

All things open isn't just about technology

Linux marketshare had passed 2% for the first time

U.S. government launches to showcase its open-source software

open source Java is still controversial

‘Why Use Linux?’

‘Why Use Linux?’ Answered In 3 Short Words

Gnews :: Open Hardware / Firmware

first open source hack-proof Wi-Fi

$4, coin-sized, open-source Linux computer

Freeing my tablet

Lenovo releases BIOS for loading Linux on Yoga 900

Android Auto: now available in every car

MP3 in Fedora and Gnome

broadband start-up arrives in Australia with 100 mbps 'true NBN' offering

NES Classic Is a Quad-Core Linux Computer

Gnews :: Releases

Microsoft Is Getting Busy on GitHub

MS releases Azure Container Service engine

Rust Language Server

Mozilla Announces Quantum, a New Browser Engine for Firefox

Amazon Linux container image for use in on-premises data centers

Corda platform to be open-source