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January the 21st of 2016

Ben Sturmfels

Preventing Cat-astrophes with GNU MediaGoblin

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Gnews for January 2016

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Things to do

Can you still access international Netflix

Software Freedom Conservancy seek supporters

More to come on this

Free Culture

Elsevier and Researchers vs The People

Mozilla Open Source Support: First Awards

LibreOffice Now Has More than 1,000 Developers

More people use Ubuntu than anyone actually knows

Open Hardware

System 76 Oryx Pro

year-end wrap-up highlighting some of the ways that Mesa has developed

Linksys to Provide DD-WRT Support for All Current WRT Routers


Microsoft Edge’s JavaScript engine to go open-source

GCHQ releases Gaffer

Apple's Swift is now open source

Facebook Open Sources 'Big Sur' AI Hardware Design

Firefox 43 released

PostgreSQL 9.5 has BEEN RELEASED

Security & Privacy

NSW bans blueprints for 3D printing firearms

Breaking Your Employer's Computer Policy Isn't a Crime

Let’s Encrypt has entered Public Beta

Self-Driving Cars Could Be The Cornerstone Of The Surveillance Dystopias Of Tomorrow

Unfortunate Gnews

Debian mourns the passing of Ian Murdock

Thunderbird “a tax” on Firefox development

LibreOffice and Thunderbird

EFF's Stupid Patent of the Month