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April the 21st of 2016

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Gnews April 2016

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Free Culture

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Will Bring Snap Packages

NY Bill Would Provide Tax Credit For Open Source Contributors

US Govt Commits To Publish Publicly Financed Software Under FOSS

Microsoft joins the Eclipse Foundation

FSM is now on MediaGoblin

First MediaGoblin

Stallman Writes Again

PyCon/DjangoCon to be held in Melbourne

AWS Zombie Apocalypse clause

SCO Is Undeniably and Reliably Dead

Russia Switches to Linux.

ZFS filesystem will be built into Ubuntu 16.04 LTS by default

MAMEis now GNU GPL 2 or later

Things to do

Document Freedom Day coming up

Day against DRM planning begins

Open media campaign: Put a stop to invasive Stingray surveillance

EFF: Tell the W3C To Protect Researchers Who Investigate Browsers

Download all the LCA 2016 videos

Netflix Without Borders & My Netflix, My Privacy

Results: Watching overseas Netflix - what works?

Co-sign FSF comment on the DMCA's anti-circumvention provisions

Petition (trade minister) Steven Ciobo to stop the TPP.

Choice campaign: The devil in the detail of the TPP

Open Hardware

Road test of The New AMD GPU-PRO Linux Driver On Ubuntu

Wine Makes It Possible To Run Vulkan Windows Programs On Linux

Ubuntu phone release

Dell’s Skylake XPS 13


Unity 5 Ships

KDE Plasma 5.6 Release

'Serious Sam 1' Engine Released As Open Source

GNU Project Introduces Gneural Network AI Package

Mozilla's New Servo Browser Will Hit Alpha In June 2016

Apache PDFBox Hits 2.0

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows 10

Microsoft SQL Server on Linux

GitHub's Atom 1.5 stable release

Amazon Launches Lumberyard

Google Releases ION

Google opens Cloud Vision API

GCC 6 Release

Wine 1.9.4 Released



Rosa Desktop


View Linux Server Log file in your browser

IP's move to use home routers as public WiFi Hotspots

Security & Privacy

White House working with Linux Foundation

Google bans Flash

Google updating 'Right to be Forgotten'

UK Government plans to snoop on your internet history

New website blocking in Australia has begun